Inversion Tables



Benefits of an Inversion Table:

Inversion tables help to reduce the negative effects of gravity. They help stretch out your back muscles and relieve back pain. The table uses gravity to help stretch the backbone and vertebrae, providing people with lower back pain with maximum relief and comfort. Use of an inversion table could also improve blood circulation and helps to lessen compression. This leads to reduced stress and promotes relaxation. It is also used for treatment of stress headaches.

Inversion Table



Inversion tables are especially helpful for older generations, who are dealing with decades of gravity damage. Those who tried this treatment believed that it can increase flexibility in movement for older people and reduce the effects of aging caused by gravity.

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  Functions of an Inversion Table:




For older or less experienced users of inversion therapy, basic inversion tables are ideal to use for the inversion tables basic function: stretching. They help with the decompression of your spine and loosen your back muscles for relief.



For more advanced users, an inversion table that doubles as a training system may be ideal. Inversion tables help strengthen the core muscles.

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Where to Shop:

The Healthy Back Store has one of the widest selections of inversion tables out in the market. Their selection varies from basic inversion table for use of stretches to inversion tables that double as modern training systems for younger users.





Their own branded inversions table is great at reducing the effects of gravity. It is specifically designed to feature lockable positions to allow gradual acclimation to inversion therapy, allowing you to acclimate yourself to inversion therapy safetly.